Get the Facts on Pesticides. Learn the truth about the toxicity of cosmetic lawn care products and the harm they cause.
Facts About Pesticides:
"What's Gotten Into Us" - Book by: McKay Jenkins:
Pesticides Fact Sheet:
Green Lawns at Harvard University

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Published Studies and Reports
New York Times Opinion
Pesticide Susceptibility In Children Lasts Longer Than Expected
Prenatal Exposure To Chemicals With Higher BMI In Toddlers

Playing Fields
Kids must have a healthy environment to learn and play. Find out why and how to maintain
non-toxic playing fields.
Pesticides and Playing Fields – Are we unintentionally harming our children?
Pesticides on Playing Fields

Pets need Safe Lawns too.
Learn about the risks common lawn care chemicals pose to pets and wildlife.
Yes, your pesticides are killing the bees

Get rid of weeds without Toxic Chemicals

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Plants That Attract Beneficial Insects.

Using Native Flowering Plants to Attract Beneficial Insects.

Organic lawn care is, for the most part, common sense. This involves two basic principles: take care of the soil and the micro-organisms that live in it, and chose appropriate plants (grass or otherwise) to grow in it.

The Basics of Vermicomposting

Eat Your Greens! Try these dandelion recipes.

Louisa Enright researches and writes about systems of cultural power. Louisa is currently concentrating on how specific systems adversely impact human health. She believes that being aware of problems is the first step toward facilitating healthy changes. Louisa Enright blog.

Visit these websites to learn more about keeping safe lawns and what is happening in Maine.

Beyond Pesticides
Pesticide Action Network
Natural Resources Council of Maine
Toxics Action Center
Environmental Health Strategy Center
Alliance for a Clean  and Healthy Maine
Maine Organic Farmers Association
Leah Group
Environmental Working Group
Friends of Casco Bay
Northeast Organic Farmers Association
Environment and Human health, Inc
National Wildlife Federation Northeast
Silent Spring
Osborne Organics
Safer Chemicals Healthy Families


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